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Where Oddity meets Alcohol: Madame Fling Flong

I have literally zero interest in standing in a queue in a pair of heels for half an hour to get into a club or bar. There are plenty of other, more relaxed, places with good cocktails, chilled DJs, cosy lounges and stylish punters where I can walk straight in, sit down and have someone bring me a drink, STAT!
Madame Fling Flong in Newtown is most assuredly in the later camp.

Situated through and up the stairs of Soni’s tapas restaurant, it’s not easy to find. On a Saturday night you’ll struggle to claim a couch without lurking about like a breakfast host at a Radiohead gig. The cocktails range from sublime to odd so if you chance upon one of the former, stick to it! Like the cocktails, the nibblies can also be hit and miss but hey, it’s just nice to have “gourmet” (whatever that means) options other than Moroccan-bloody-chicken pizza if you ask me. The couches may not be the most luxuriously comfortable thing you’ve ever plonked your behind in, but they are delightfully mismatched and I’d rather a lumpy couch than a hardened stool any day.

What works about Madame Fling Flong is the vibe. Artfully, slovenly charming, it’s all those aforementioned odd little things that make this place gel. It’s chillaxed and welcoming, without the feeling that you could wander in wearing your Saturday morning jeans and sneakers.

On Tuesday nights, the couches are turned around and you can watch a retro movie with a warm glass of mulled wine in one hand, a plate of yumminess in the other, and snuggle up to your honey or your bestest chum, depending on whether it’s Dirty Dancing or Bladerunner.

Our kinda place.

Madame Fling Flong, Level 1, 169 King Street, Newtown

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words: Kristen Hodges


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