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Pondering the Dystopian Demise: Nathan Christoffel

A Quick Q&A with Eraser Children Director Nathan Christoffel
before its Fantastic Planet Film Festival Premiere

For the Twitter generation, describe Eraser Children in 140 characters or less.
In a dystopia of useless products, pre-paid dreams & slavery, Misner Corp has invented a new energy source and has a global monopoly on human life.

What appealed to you about telling this story?
There are many corporations and people in dead end jobs in our society. The story gave me a chance to write about these aspects in a satirical way.

What elements of this dystopian future are you concerned may actually come true?
Being ruled by one large, incompetent group of humans. Running out of natural resources and irreversibly ruining the environment because of our greed. Being forced to work more hours in jobs we hate. Being forced to watch more crappy commercials than we already do. Products becoming increasingly useless and marketed as brilliant. Humans being brain washed by computers. Shane Nagle kidnapping me.

Did everything go to plan when you were making the film?
Originally, I didn't write a sci-fi movie. We had to adapt to budget limitations and the lead actor leaving for India after shooting a quarter of his scenes. The original script was more like ‘Shawshank Redemption’ on acid.

What is the message that you think Eraser Children leaves us with?
Don't waste your life working a job you hate for people you dislike.

You mentioned on your website that your next film isn't going to be sci-fi. Why is that?
I would like to try a variety of genres rather than stick to one in particular. Eraser Children was made on $20,000, so there are a lot of limitations making a sci-fi film on that budget.

Why did you choose Fantastic Planet Film Festival to premiere your completed film?

I wanted it to be located close to the cast and crew and at a good venue. The film was originally supposed to premiere at the London Sci-Fi Festival in May 2009 but it wasn’t completed in time. I am glad it is in Sydney – that way all my friends and family can come.

Eraser Children has been likened to films such as Brazil, 1984 and Metropolis. How do you feel about those sort of comparisons?
Being compared to such great films is flattering. Brazil is one of my favorite movies.

If you could cast anyone at all in your next who would you like to work with? Klaus Kinski because he is insane or Bill Murray because he does dry humor so well.

What's coming up next?

I am writing my second feature. I want to spend 2-3 years getting the script perfect. It is a larger budgeted film so I will need to find the funds and also some great actors. It is set over three periods of a man’s life from ages 10, 20 and 40, so finding those three actors will be a challenge. I hope to have it finished or at least ready to shoot by the time I am 30.

words: Kristen Hodges


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