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Just like a second home... with wine!

We’ve heard it all before, and there certainly is a lot of truth in it – Melbourne has great bars. There, I said it. But the thing is, we used to have little to defend ourselves with…USED TO being the key term. The recent change in liquor laws has swept a metamorphosis over this city once dominated by massive pubs and watering holes where nobody knows your name. Also known as the meat markets for pissheads, there wasn’t a lot of choice for those of us who stay away from such places with a 10 foot radius at all times. But our time has finally come, and Bondi Beach’s Shop and Wine Bar is the diamond ring we’ve been waiting for all along – and didn’t even know how much we wanted.

Situated on the corner of Curlewis and Gould Streets, the tiny little venue has a small list of vino and snacks to choose from, all of which are moderately priced. The menu has everything you need for a late afternoon refreshment or after-dinner drink.
Even though you’re not there to get pissed, one or two bottles in and you might accidentally end up that way. To soak it up, you can order some of the tapas platters on the menu, but this is certainly no place to wine and dine – more to just wine, unless of course you want to lose a kilo or two. It’s probably best to leave the place for before or after dinner anyway – that way you might be able to actually grab a table. With only a handful of seats to claim, it’s certainly no secret that the place can get a little packed at times. But don’t let the size of the bar discourage you… it’s part of what makes the spot so charming, and when you actually do manage to sit down, you appreciate it all the more. Whether you’re having an overdue catch-up with a friend or feel like a side of wine with the book you can’t put down, The Shop is perfect just the way it is.

One step in the door and you’ll instantly reminisce about Europe, but you can rest assured that this is predominantly a local hangout… something that, incidentally, Bondi has lost a lot of credibility for. During the day the spot functions as a café, but seeing as it’s a wine bar we like to save the trip for when the sun starts to set and our taste buds turn red and wine – and rosé, sometimes.

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words: Seema Duggal


September 6, 2009 at 8:42 PM Anonymous said...

Hmmm....a brave case of gurgitation. Not sure I would have ventured out onto such thin ice but there you are, thats you this is me!

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