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A hidden gem on Oxford Street: Moku Boutique

Owner Lin Lin chats with Side Street, Sydney about what makes her shop Moku so special.

1) What were you doing before you started a boutique?
I was living in New Zealand, working as a registered architect with some of the greatest people.

2) Why did you decide to open one up?
I’ve always had a passion in fashion, almost an obsession really…so it’s been a life long dream to own my own fashion boutique, packed with all the beautiful things that I love and can share with others.

3) Why the name Moku?
It’s a word that sounds nice and has a uniqueness to it, and has both a Kiwiana and Oriental feel to it – which kind of describes who I am.

4) How did you design the interior of the shop? Tell me a little bit about your inspiration/process.
I designed the fit-out of the boutique with the intention of reflecting the simple, natural vibe of the culture of New Zealand. I used a very simple colour palette, with a collection of handpicked pieces from Australia and New Zealand that made the place feel warm and close to the heart.

5) Your shop is on shopping mecca Oxford Street. How is yours different from the rest?
We stock a selection of individual designers from mainly New Zealand and Melbourne, and it is this special mix that defines a style and aesthetic that’s unique to us.

6) You stock a lot of New Zealand labels. Was there something about the country’s style that you wanted to bring to Australia?
I love the dark and rustic look of the Kiwi aesthetic, and the original, effortless and unpretentious style of New Zealand designers.

7) Do you do anything (other than run a shop) on the side?
I am still keeping up with my architecture career, currently working for a large Australian practice on a number of fantastic projects including a brain research centre and film studio!

8) What are some of the most difficult parts about owning a store? The best?
The most difficult thing is trying to define a style that’s uniquely our own, and tailoring the selection to all our customers while still trying to maintain that style. The best part has to be the endless opportunities for shopping offcourse! Not to mention the glamour of attending fashion weeks, meeting designers… and last but not least, meeting awesome people and building lifetime friendships along the way.

9) Are there any new labels you are hoping to secure?
No, not really any one in particular because we are always on the look out for fresh young designers. It’s a big part of who we are.

10) Tell us something about your store that might surprise people.
After being open for almost two years, we still constantly get people walking in from the street who are pleasantly surprised by the fact that we are there! And of course the selection of goodies we have inside!

words: Seema Duggal


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