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They are quite excellent, my dear Watson.

You know how there are some bands you feel like you are just not meant to see, regardless of how much you want to? For most of this year, that band for me has been indie folk-electronica darlings Sherlock’s Daughter.
I was first recommended to them by a friend, but through a series of misfortunes, bad luck and poor organisation, I managed to pretty much miss every show they played. Lucky for me, I finally got my shit together and caught the band when they performed a support slot for Tame Impala down at Beach Road. Their live show was everything I had hoped for, though it was mildly depressing in that ‘why is everyone on stage tonight ten years younger than me and ten times more talented?’ kind of way.

While sadly I (yet again) didn’t make it to their recent EP launch at the Hopetoun, friends on the ground have said it was a damn good showing, and the crowd left more than pleased. According to enigmatic front-woman Tanya Horo, the sold-out performance was a real buzz for the band.

“It’s always nice to see the same people at your gigs, but it was exciting that heaps of new people came to the album launch as well,” says Tanya.

“You’re constantly putting your art out there, so it can be easy to start doubting yourself.”

“It’s comforting to see that people like what you do, as it gives you confidence to keep going.”

Although the concept of the band has been around for more than 18 months, the current line-up has only been together for about five. Considering what they’ve managed to achieve in that time, it’s obvious that the mix is a good one.

“Playing in a band is like dating four people you’d never want to date in real life!” says Tanya.
“But with us, it’s like we’ve been married for fifty years.
“As musicians we all have ADD, and I think our songs lend to that as well – it’s kind of a mish-mash of music and styles, but it’s coherent to us.”

Looking to the future, the band has plans to jump ship and head to New York next month, where they’ll play at musical expo CMJ and hopefully pick up residency at a rad local venue. But they’re not about to forget their local fans – they have plans to start recording a debut album, with a projected release date of April next year.

“We’ve got all the songs, we just need to choose the right ones,” says Tanya.
“It’s kind of like buying new clothes – you love them at the time but then after a while you just want to chuck them out!”

But before they leave to conquer the Big Apple, the band will finish its current co-headlining national tour with fellow indie peeps The Devoted Few, which is set to travel through Sydney the next couple days.

Fans with a short attention span (i.e., me.) will be pleased to know that they won’t be hearing things exactly as they have before, from either their earphones or the band's earlier shows.

“When you are playing songs over and over, keeping them fresh can be hard,” says Tanya.
“We revisit songs all the time, and constantly change them ever so slightly.

“You can never tell what’s going to happen at one of our shows. There’s no format to what we do – we don’t talk about it, we just go on and play.”

And for those who might not be able to get to the upcoming Sherlock’s/Devoted shows (i.e., me.), Tanya promises that the band isn’t likely to leave it too long between tours if they can help it.

“The ultimate for us would be to tour for half the year and travel together in a big bus so we don’t end up hating each other!” she laughs.

As long as they keep playing, with or without the hating, I’m alright with that plan.

Sherlock's Daughter with The Devoted Few @ The Hopetoun
Thursday 24 September (TOMORROW!)
Friday 25 September (FRIDAY!)
$12 pre-sale/$15 on the door
(map same as the one right below)

words: Jacqueline Flint


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