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The Kids Are Alright

The guys behind Brisbane-based band Hungry Kids of Hungary obviously don’t subscribe to AC/DC’s ‘long way to the top’ adage, considering how quickly they’ve creeped into the local music scene.

Putting to shame my own slothful lifestyle, the band has already recorded two EPs since getting together two years ago. The latest, Mega Mountain, was recorded in Brisbane in just four days and released nationwide in April this year.

When speaking to Ben Dalton, the band’s go-to man for bass and backing vocals, it becomes pretty obvious the Kids were living the fun and good times while recording. Looking to capture the feel of a live Kids gig, the EP takes advantage of the obvious camaraderie within the band, and makes you want to stamp your feet and demand to join in on the fun.

“Our approach to music is pretty straightforward,” says Ben.
“We just try to make pop that’s fun.”

“We’ve all been brought up on ‘dad rock’ like Paul McCartney, Simon and Garfunkel, Led Zeppelin and the Kinks, so we try to work in these older styles but revamp them with our own influences and harmonies.”

For those wondering how the Kids skipped the years of playing venues of one, sticky floors and stale bench inclusive, the story really kicks off after they won the Queensland final of last year’s Triple J Unearthed. From there, they were given the chance to get on stage at the 2009 Big Day Out, sharing the bill with international heroes such as TV on the Radio, Neil Young and Fantomas.

“Even though we’re accustomed to playing big crowds, personally I was freaking out,” Ben says of the experience.
“When we started playing there was hardly anyone there, but all of a sudden I looked up and there were like five or six hundred people – it was madness.”

The band has received generous support from the J team and community stations like fBi, Triple Z and Triple R ever since, but Ben attributes their growing profile to the ever faithful grassroots approach, i.e. endless touring.

“Unearthed opened a lot of doors for us in terms of getting gigs and getting people interested in us, but in the end it’s all about hard work and getting out there,” Ben says.
“We love taking our music on tour, and are always looking for new opportunities to go on the road.
“We just want to keep making music, keep growing as a band and keep playing cool shows.”

Speaking of cool shows, the Kids are hitting the road in September alongside Red Riders as part of Little Birdy’s National Theatre tour. A stop at the Enmore is set for Friday night.

“We’ve only played in Sydney three or four times but we’ve always had a really good time there,” Ben said.
“The crowds have always been really cool and given us a lot of support, so I’m really looking forward to coming back.”

Litle Birdy supported by Red Riders and Hungry Kids of Hungary
Friday, 18 September @ 7pm
The Enmore

Tickets are $49.60. Buy them here.

words: Jacqueline Flint


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