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Hitting the music scene with two sets of drums

In a total bastardisation of the ‘boy next door’ cliché, I’d like to lay claim to Gideon Bensen as my very own ‘musician around the corner’. Back in the day you see, Gideon was less like my latest musical crush and more like my local barista. While his chai skills are nothing to be sneezed at, these days it’s his talent as a singer/ songwriter that’s holding my attention.

One of the new breed of up and coming independent musicians in Sydney, Gideon has been spreading his talents around town, playing as both a solo soldier and teaming up with other, equally as talented muso friends.

“I guess that’s the thing about smaller towns, you get to know people who know people and before you know it, you’re in a band with them!” he says.

Gideon’s most recent reincarnation is his part in La Gloria, a self-described ‘blues folk’ band that can often be seen trawling the streets of Surry Hills. Although the current line-up has only been together for two months, they’re already getting positive feedback from ‘those in the know’, including community radio heroes FBi, who have invited them to be part of their weekly Sunday Social showcase.

“The fact that FBi asked us to play is a good sign that people are starting to warm to our sound,” Gideon says.

“More and more these days you notice that you’re playing shows to the same sorts of people, which is great in that they’re obviously enjoying your stuff, but on the other hand it’s exciting to bring new people in as well.”

La Gloria: photo by Laura Brierley Newton

Although both he (as a solo artist) and the La Gloria family are currently doing the hard yards as unsigned artists, Gideon argues this isn’t quite the roadblock it used to be.

“These days you can definitely do things without the support of a major label,” he says.

“I mean sure, if someone like Universal or EMI came along and said ‘hey, we love your stuff’, you’d seriously think about it. But at the same time, bands that aren’t signed to major labels are still doing great things, and getting the opportunity to play the big festivals.”

In a spot of good news for fans (new, old and yet to be unleashed), Gideon says the near future will likely include a spot of recording, with plans to put out an EP or mini album towards the beginning of next year.

“Some songs will be with the band, some with other people and some solo stuff. It will be a collection of everything really, I just need to figure out a way to make it coherent and make it work!” he says.

Upcoming Gigs (as Gideon Bensen)

FBi Sunday Social
World Bar, King's Cross
13 September

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Upcoming Gigs (with La Gloria)

Oxford Art Factory, Oxford St
16 September

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words: Jacqueline Flint


September 10, 2009 at 8:09 AM Kristen Hodges said...

I'm curious as to where (geographically speaking) this dude was your barista in his former life... and wondering if he was my barista too!

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